Harkness Wellness Center has been helping people make intelligent nutritional choices in Rogue River, Oregon since 2004.  Our Nutrition Specialist, Sherry Harkness, has been helping people identify nutritional deficiencies as well as weight control problems for over 30 years.  She spent over 20 years in the nursing field.  Her education consists of a degree in Naturopathy, Master in Herbalogy, Master in Iridology and Professional Nutrition Specialist.  With her extensive experience and education, she is exceptionally qualified to help guide you on the right path to good health.

We do health and weight loss studies with participating natural supplement companies.  We also have supplement programs for sexual dysfunction, anti-aging and smoking cessation.

She does in-office, phone and on-line consultations.  If you are interested in slowing down the clock with better sleep, more energy and more efficient hormones, call, email or write our office and talk to our friendly staff about your health needs.

 Sherry Harkness NS, MH, MI

Keith Harkness - Manager/Technician