Sherry and Keith have done what no one else could to for my well-being.  They have given me a chance to get back as much of my life as possible. Following her plan of attack for a body ravaged by years of pain from being hit by a dump truck, has changed my life. Sherry has the expertise, compassion, and a true understanding of what makes a body tick.  She and Keith show genuine care for their clients. She has my hard earned trust. She is the first person I have yet to meet, that made an effort to understand my body, spirit, and my specific issues. She knew exactly what to do in order for me to help my body heal. The attention and compassion she shows is second to none.  The improvement felt then seen by others due to Harkness Wellness Center, has given me the ability to get out of the dark place that was engulfing my life. I’m stronger and happier in so many ways.  I’ve got my music back. I’ve got my life back. I highly recommend the Harkness Wellness Center.  Their care for me and my own determination has enabled me to look forward to each  new day.


Ailene Platt


I became aware of Sherry Harkness in 2004.  In about 2006 I believe she basically saved my life!  I was ill-advisedly using a distilled water diet, believing it was healthy!  Sherry determined that my body was basically eating itself, looking for the missing minerals I wasn't feeding myself.  Through hair analysis she got me back on track.  Also, I've had 5 concussions in my life.  I'm 69 years old and a medical transcriptionist , still working full time.  I came to a point where it looked like I would have to quit working because my memory was not functioning nearly as well as it needed to.  Through brain and memory supplements, and chiropractic referral for craniosacral manipulation, I've staved off the deterioration.  Now with the addition of essential oils, I can honestly say my professional skills are back to where they were in my 20's.  It is through Sherry's steadfast concientiousness  and dogged determination to fix things and make them right holistically, that I am well.   She has been exceedingly patient with me, nudging me in the right direction, letting me find my own pace and timing at implementing her program.  I am so grateful to have her and Keith in my life.  I highly recommend Sherry to anyone who is sick and tired of being sick and tired.


Marcia Boettcher